Privacy and Security Policies

Copyright Declaration
Welcome to the National Center of Photography and Images website (hereinafter referred to as the Site). In order to ensure security in navigating services provided on the Site, please refer to the following copyright declaration:
  • All content published on the Site, including but not limited to written descriptions, photographs, images, audio recordings, video footage, and other information, are protected under the Copyright Act, with the exception of items listed in the Copyright Act as exempt from copyright (including but not limited to laws, edicts, or documents prepared by civil servants such as text of speeches and news releases as outlined in Article 9 of the Copyright Act).
  • Items mentioned above as exempt from copyright are available for public use and distribution.
  • With the exception of fair use, agreement or authorization from the copyright owner(s) must be obtained prior to reproduction of information and content presented on the Site, as stipulated by the Copyright Act.
  • The aforementioned “fair use” conditioned are as outlined below:
    • Information published on the Site considered within the scope of fair use include: Information authored by the National Center of Photography and Images, such as news releases made public by the National Center of Photography and Images (including news headlines, texts and images), exhibitions (including news headlines and texts), event information (including news headlines and texts);
    • Within a reasonable scope, the aforementioned information may be reproduced, publicly broadcasted, or distributed for nonprofit use by an individual or a family, with attributions and citations given to the information source;
    • Information publicly released on the Site may be quoted where necessary for reports, comments, teaching, research, or other legitimate purposes, with attributions and citations given to the information source.
    • Please refer to Article 44 to 65 of the Copyright Act for additional conditions of fair use.
  • The electronic management information indicated on the Site shall not be removed or altered without prior permission, with exception given to circumstances outlined under Article 80-1 of the Copyright Act, or in such case where the removal or alteration is a technical necessity for the conversion of a recording or transmission system.
Policy Application Scope
The information security policy below governs the collection, application, and protection of Site users’ personal data. Please note that this policy excludes external third-party websites accessed via hyperlinks on the Site. Third-party websites are governed by their respective and specific privacy policies; as such, the Site cannot be held accountable users’ security while browsing external websites.
Personal Data Collection and Application:
  • The Site will not collect personal data from users browsing or downloading files from the Site.
  • The Site may request personal data from users who wish to access specific services provided on the Site. As required in each instance, the Site may ask the user to provide up-to-date and accurate information, including but not limited to their name, identification number, telephone number, e-mail, and postal address.
  • Communication data from comments or inquiries sent via e-mail or to the service mailbox will be stored for the purpose of correspondence only.
  • The Site server records data on IP address, access time, and content browsed on the Site for internal use by the Site’s management department for the quantitative analyses of traffic volume and user behavior, necessary to improving the overall quality of the Site. Analyses on such data will be conducted on overall user behaviors and not on any individual user.
  • The National Center of Photography and Images is obligated to protect the privacy of each user, and will not modify or delete any personal data and/or files without the user’s consent, except in the following:
    • Where the user violates rules of usage on the Site, such as the use of abusive or defamatory language toward other users on the Site’s forums.
    • To protect or defend the rights or ownership of the parties concerned.
    • To protect the rights and interests of departments related to the Site.
  • The National Center of Photography and Images will under no circumstances sell, trade, or lease users’ personal data to organizations, individuals, or private enterprises, with the following exceptions:
    • As required in legal investigations conducted by a judicial authority.
    • As required for an investigation or for use by an authorized organization in the execution of its duties.
    • In good faith in the event that such disclosure is required by law, or is required by management for maintaining or upgrading the Site’s services.
Information Security and Protection
The servers hosting the Site are equipped with a “firewall” to prevent information from being illegally accessed, damaged, or stolen. Any information stored by the Site is protected to safeguard the security of the users’ personal data.
Security Measures for Your Personal Data
Users are reminded to take all necessary precautions in storing their personal data, and to refrain from releasing such information to third parties in order to protect their rights. Please be reminded that any personal information that voluntarily posted on the Internet (including but not limited to discussions boards, message boards, and chatrooms, etc.) may be collected and used by others, and may subject the user to unsolicited e-mails from such persons or entities
Enquiries on the Copyright Protection Policy
Please contact us if you have additional questions or queries regarding the National Center of Photography and Images Copyright Protection Declaration.